about imlab

연구실 소개


Intelligent Machine Laboratory(IMLAB) was established by Ph.D Park Jahng-hyon in March, 1995 of which name was Design and Control of Mechanical System(DCMS) at first. It was renamed as the present one in 2000.

We conduct research on the control theory and application of various dynamic systems, such as
 Sensor fusion system of a vehicle and a robot
 Regenerative brake system of a vehicle
 Optimal control of a 7-DOF Hybrid type robot arm
▶ Inverse kinematics of a redundant arm
 Patent Map about intelligent robot
▶ Recognition and Analysis of Human Sensibility using Hidden Markov Model 

Also, we conduct research on autonomous driving, such as

▶ Path prediction of surrounding vehicles using deep learning

▶ Advanced driver assistance systems

▶ Autonomous wheel-chair based on a map

At Present(July, 2020), the number of Lab Alumni is 82.

연구실 개요

  연구실명 지능기계연구실(IMLAB)
  지도교수 박장현 교수님
  졸업생수 82명 (2020년  현재)
  설       립 1995년 5월 기계시스템 설계 및 제어 연구실 설립